Wednesday, November 9, 2011


this is the character (Norman) that I modeled for our Trailerproject (an adaption of Psycho). The conceptart for this character was done by Frederik Storm (

This is the handpupet Norman will wear all the time, she represents his mother and this way his second personality (yes we turned Psycho in a stoneage comedy)  

 some of the backgrounds for the trailer. My task was to take the conceptart (left side) and turn them into backgrounds for the trailer with a coherent style (right side)


I just started to force myself to make a 10 min sketch every day, these are the first ones hope a lot of them will follow
I went to the Indie9000 gamejam in Aalborg this summer. We were a group of four people and had to make a game in 38 hours, these are the backgrounds I did for the game